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Horse Shows 2001

Charity Event

Judge: Mr. Chuck Esau Trail Judge: Ms. Melinda Darway

Future Shows: 8 July and 9 September 2001
AHSA and/or Saddle Club rules will apply
All Dogs must be leashed

Show will be held at the H.S. VANDENBERG SADDLE CLUB,

DIRECTIONS: From NorthTake Hwy 101 south to Clark Road exit (Orcutt), go west 2 miles to Hwy 1. Go south 10 miles to Vandenberg AFB. At the main gate, turn right at the light, go straight 1 mile, then take a right at Corral Road, follow the signs to the Saddle Club. From the SouthTake Hwy 101 to Hwy 246. Turn left (west) and go 14 miles and turn right on La Purisima Road and go 2 miles. At the light (Hwy 1) go straight 6 miles to Vandenberg AFB. At light go straight 1 mile to Corrall Road. Turn right and follow signs to the Saddle Club.

Hunter/Jumper courses will be designed in accordance with American Horse Show Association standards.

RING 1 (Judge: Mr. Chuck Esau) *Classes Start Promptly at 8:00 AM*
***Hunter/Jumper Courses designed by Ms. Carolyn Sherry***
1. Cross Rail Hunter (May Trot), 12-18 Open
2. Warm-up Hunters, 2-23 Open
3. Low Hunters, 23-26 Open
4. Novice Hunters, 23-26 Novice Horse (*)
5. Working Hunters, 26-29 Open
6. Equitation over Fences, 26-29 Open
7. Handy Hunters, 26-29 Open
8. Schooling Jumpers, 26-3 Open
9. Mardis Open Jumpers, 29-33 (#)
Both Jumper classes will be runTable II, Sect 2A (Timed first jump-off)
10. Hunter Hack, 2-23 Open
11. English Equitation, rider 12 & under
12. English Equitation, rider 13 to 17
13. English Equitation, rider 18 & over
14. English Pleasure, Novice Horse (*)
15. English Pleasure, rider 12 & under
16. English Pleasure, rider 13 to 17
17. English Pleasure, rider 18 & over
18. Hunter Under Saddle, 12 & under
19. Hunter Under Saddle, 13 to 17
20. Hunter Under Saddle, 18 & over

RING 2 (Judge: Ms. Melinda Darway) Not prior to 1:00 PM
21. Halter, Horse 2 years and under Open
22. Halter, Color (@ Open
23. Halter, Non-Color Open
24. Lead-LineOpen (may not cross enter in any out of hand class)
25. Walk-Trot Equitation, Rider 11 & under (+) E/W
26. Walk-Trot Pleasure, Novice Rider, Open
27. Walk-Trot Pleasure, Novice Horse, Open
28. Walk-Trot, Pleasure, Rider 11 & under (+) E/W
29. Western Showmanship, handler 12 & under
30. Western Showmanship, handler 13 to 17
31. Western Showmanship, handler 18 & over

RING 1 (Judge: Mr.Chuck Esau)
32. Western Equitation, rider 12 & under
33. Western Equitation, rider 13 to 17
34. Western Equitation, rider 18 & over
35. Western Horsemanship Open
36. Western Pleasure, Novice Horse (*)
37. Western Pleasure, Non Color
38. Western Pleasure, Color (@)
39. Western Pleasure, rider 12 & under
40. Western Pleasure, rider 13 to 17
41. Western Pleasure, rider 18 & over


The trail courses will be run in blocks and designed in accordance with AQHA & AHSA standards. Courses will be changed between Blocks. The announcer will keep you advised on the Trail time schedule. The listed times are ESTIMATES and are dependent on number of participants in each Block.

RING 2 (Judge: Ms. Linda Darway)
***Trail Courses designed by Ms. Gale Belval***

BLOCK 1 (8:00 AM-9:30 AM)
42. Walk-Trot Trail, rider 11 & under (may not cross enter into Trail, rider 12 & under
43. Walk-Trot Trail, Open
44. Trail, Novice (Horse/Rider)*
45. Trail, rider 12 & under

BLOCK 2 (9:30 AM-11:00 AM)
46. Trail, Junior Horse (Horse age 5 years & under)
47. Trail, rider 13 to 17
48. Trail, rider 18 & over

BLOCK 3 (11:00-12:30)
49. Trail, Senior Horse (Horse age 6 years & over)
50. Maltman Advanced Trail Class (#) Open
51. Jackpot Class (Open-Entry $10.00) ($)


(#) Mardis Open Jumper Class and Maltman Advanced Trail Class will not cound for High Point, but points will accumulate towards the year end Mardis/Maltman Trophies (Winner will receive a plaque and a picture taken with the trophy).
(*) Novice Horse/Rider is defined as a horse or rider that has not won three first places prior to this show.
(@) Color refers to the color breeds (Appaloosa, Paint, Pinto, Palomino, etc). Non-Color excludes color breeds. Breeding stock may show Non-Color.
(+) Entrant must declare the High Point (E or W) to which points are to be credited for Walk-Trot Pleasure, rider 11 & under. There may be a WESTERN Walk-Trot 11 & under Hi-point, day and year end award.
($) Jack-Pot Trail class entries will be combined, $10.00/entry fee for: 1st place- 50%;
2nd place30%; and 3rd place20% of the jack-pot

Reminder: Horse/rider Team must compete in 3 shows to be eligible for year-end awards.

Food Available on the Grounds Featuring
Tri-Tip Lunch!--$5.00 (by reservation)

PHONE: Sheri at (805) 934-3671
FAX: your Entry Form to (805) 934-36
E-MAIL: or

Mail your Entry Form to: Hoyt S. Vandenberg Saddle Club
P.O. Box 5052
Vandenberg AFB CA 93437

If leaving a message, please state:
2. AGE of ENTRANT as of 1/1/01 (for minors)
4. PHONE #
6. CLASS NUMBER(S) you are entering
7. Number of Tri-tip lunches you plan to purchase. This is by reservation only

**Pre-entries must be received at least 2 days before the show.

Flowers & Shrubs donated by Wal*Mart, Lompoc

More opportunities..

·RULES are posted in the Show Office (Club House)
·Used Tack Salecome early and shop! Tack will be displayed in the Club House
·Look for a display of belt buckles for the High Point Year-end Awards. Is one of them yours?
·Check to see if there are extra tickets available for Tri-tip lunch: Tri-tip, beans, salad, bread & sodaall for just $5.00!
·Two lunging areas will be availablecheck show office for locations

Future Shows for 2001:

08 July Main Arena/Trail Arena
Christmas in July Charity Show
Judges:Mrs. Raizy Goffman/Ms. Barbara Richardson

09 Sep Main Arena/Trail Arena
Championship Show
Judges:Mr. Mike Nielsen/Ms. Tracey Hatakeyama