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Members List

Gavin & Tracy Allred {}
Jon & Susan Barrott
Dave & Joan Bayha
Lowell & Jeanette (Secretary) Boyer
Mark & Nina Corman
Chad & Sandra Engman
David & Kathy Erb
Milton & Lanette Farrand
Brian (President) & Jamie Fielden
Jon & Brenda Fielden
Chris (Work Detail) & Sally Galligan
James Gauthier
Terri Geiselman
Dick & Nettie Goodwin
Terrell (Ways & Means) & Ericka Grant {}
Bud & Carol Gurney
Karen Herman
Troy (Equipment) & Jessica Holbrook
Matt & Michelle Hughbanks
Novak & Jodi Kneilan
Paul & Tamie Krim
Calvin & Helen Long
Doris Loots
Jon & Monique Lowe
John Moren (Treasurer)
Greg & Michelle (Horse Shows) Packham
Russ & Navada Porter
Jerry & Sherri Rawlins
John & Sue Reish
Robert Roper
Beverly Rowland
Mike (Safety) & Ann Schmeiser
David (Building Custodian) & Bridgette Simon
Joe (Vice President) & Tammi Shrum
Ron (Barn Assignment) & Mary Smith
Bradley Squires
Lance & Sandy Stewart
Dan & Lauri Stoneburner
Kirk & Michelle Stover
Valerie Trewen
Randy & Kathy Turner
Dean Zahn

Welcome New Members!

It has been brought to the attention of this site-builder that some members may not want to have their name listed on this page. Please go to the first page click on the contact e-mail on the bottom of the page and let the site-builder know if you would like your name removed. I apologize for any inconvenience this has caused any members of the HSVSC.

On another note-if any members would like their e-mail address listed with their names to make contacting fellow board members easier, use contact on home page to let the site-builder know. Who knows, someone from outside of the club may want to strike up a friendship.