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Club Photo Album

On this page we'll include pictures of events, people, and things which relate to our club.

Mac and Tracy

Euri and Tracy

Euri & Tracy
Owned by: Tracy & Gavin Allred

Euri is a 17 month old Polish Arabian Gelding. He was also given to me because his breeder became ill. Euri is racing stock bred and very fast! He is also a very sweet and loving colt-he too will spend his whole life with me.

Mac and Tracy

McAttack & Tracy

I have owned Mac for just over a year now. He is a five year old Polish Arabian gelding who had a bad start in life. He was sent to a famous trainer as a two year old and poorly handled. He was given to me as a four year old after being turned out to pasture for two years. When I got Mac, he was completely wild and scared of everything. Although I still cannot put a saddle on him, we have come a long way using Natural Horsemanship methods. Besides-I love him and will keep him forever!

Euri and Tracy

Cody (grey horse) with Joe

Cody with Joe Shrum
Owned by: Joe and Tammi Shrum


Gamblin' J.R. & Friend
Owned by: Chris & Sally Galligan